The preamplifier is truly the conductor of an audio system and Audiofolia, aware of the importance of this link, probably the most difficult to achieve, began and forged its reputation during the last 20 years.

After several “line and phono” models that have made landmarks in audiophile circles and after testing multiple configurations including tubes or transistors, the Audiofolia Ormus line preamplifieris based on a hybrid architecture around the 6S3P-EV triodes, charged by a transformer. Its schematic, like all current Audiofolia electronics, is fully symmetrical.

When listening to the Ormus preamp is in line with the Audiofolia signature: impressive dynamics, high bandwidth, abundant details, sound that has body, great timbre accuracy, space and unusual readability until in the background, immersion in music...



2019-11-27- preampli orange et noir.jpg


Symmetric structure scheme


2 balanced inputs (XLR)
2 unbalanced inputs (RCA)

1 balanced output (XLR)
1 unbalanced output (RCA)

Output impedance : - 200 Ω

Gain on request :


0dB for 700mV and less sensitivity amplifier

+ 6dB or 12dB for amplifier sensitivity over 700mV

+ 12dB for amplifier sensitivity of + 1V

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2019-11-27-preampli bleu et noir.jpg