The Audiofolia Ormus 21 speakers are columns of a size suitable for a living room. And therein lies the tour de force of offering a real high- performance speaker, which really descends into the bass in a volume so controlled that it is easily accommodated in a living room.

Result made possible thanks to the development of a special 21cm bicone broadband driver plus the quantum approach by encoding φ

The choice of high efficiency, despite its difficulties of implementation, is essential for us. It is the guarantee of a dynamic quick transitory worthy of the sound reality of musical instruments, which no medium and low efficiency speaker can faithfully reproduce. True High Fidelity is also at this price.

The Ormus 21 speaker is made of multi-ply birch wood, tilted slightly towards the rear, its broadband speaker is of course unfiltered and loaded in a bass-reflex volume open to the rear. It allows an impressive descent into the bass while offering a sensitivity of 98dB. It is enriched with 4 super tweeters per speaker, carefully installed on each side. The internal wiring is just as neat, the connections are ETI KRYO and the speaker can be connected to earth, thanks to the Audiofolia Samadhi speaker cable.

The Ormus 21 enclosure is supplied with a diffuser in the same finish as the enclosure, which is placed on the ground at the foot of the rear vent if the floor is too absorbent (carpet or carpet).

Listening is full of details, the dynamics are impressive, the bandwidth is perfectly balanced, the tones are rich, fruity and fleshy, perfectly coherent from bass to treble. For connoisseurs, forget what you think you know about the limits of the bicone speaker in general, the high- midrange and the treble spin with an accuracy of timbres at a height and with a finesse precisely never heard on a bicone and greater than many famous tweeters.

Ormus 21 Face.jpg


Ormus 21 AR.3-4.jpg

Sensitivity : 98dB/1W/1m

Impedance : 8Ω

Bandwidth : 35Hz-150KHz

Maximum power allowed : 80W

Minimum amplification power required : 2 x 3W

Dimensions : high. 110cm x width. 25cm x long. 28cm
Base: width. 30cm x long. 33cm (48cm with diffuser)

Weight : 25kg

Several finishes possible: Lacquered paints or wood veneers


Ormus 21 Bornier.jpg