RCA modulation cables

At our demanding level, it quickly became apparent that we needed to master the entire chain of electrical components to optimize an Audiofolia or other manufacturer system. It was therefore necessary to carry out all the necessary wiring.

After a good thirty years of experimentation and reflection on the question of audio wiring, far from the dogmas, controversies and delirious surges which pledge the subject, we propose a cable set which takes into account all the relevant aspects until to his quantum approach. The one and only judge being once again the ear, with the obligation that the result be reproducible identically.

We are not intended to decline various qualities of cables responding to marketing niches. This is why there is only one cable per use on the entire Audiofolia Samadhi range. Of course, all these cables benefit from an encoding φ specific to the function for which they are intended.

In the field of experimentation still linked to the quantum approach, we have chosen for all our cables, our speakers and our devices ETI connectors from the KRYO range, having also received an appropriate φ encoding.

2019-11-27-Cables HPS sur enceinte.jpg


The range of cables

Audiofolia Samadhi

Speaker cable with ground wiring

(fork or/and banana connectors on request)

RCA modulation cables

XLR modulation cables

Mains cables (connection adapted according to the country)

2019-11-27-Cables RCA.jpg

Speaker cable with ground wiring

(fork or banana connectors on request)

2019-11-27-Cables XLR.jpg

XLR modulation cables

2019-11-27-Cable secteur sur ampli.jpg

Mains cables

Speaker cables

2019-11-27-Cables HPS sur ampli.jpg