The entire range of Audiofolia Ormus devices and cables from the Samadhi range is enriched with a layer based on a quantum approach to matter.

The inadequacy of language and the overcoming of traditional concepts makes it difficult to explain this work which is clearing an unknown domain. A real Terra Incognita.

Since the dawn of the 20th century and even a little before, quantum physics has gradually changed our vision of matter, of the invisible and of the relationships between them. These discoveries are deeply destabilizing for our beliefs and our vision of the known world.

In various fields, some applications have emerged from this new understanding of science. It is in this context that we have worked to achieve results in sound, not previously envisaged. After much effort and persistence, we can say that we are better and better integrating the relationship between theory, observation and possible experimentation in our field.

It is important to clarify that it is essential, before anything else, to realize and develop devices reproducing the purest sound possible. It was necessary to set the bar high and thus lay an irreproachable material base. In other words, very high-level devices.

Approche quantique

After which comes the quantum approach, which is exercised under a relevant informational aspect of energy, until its condensation in matter, since from the point of view of physics, matter is accumulated energy.

It is a question of correcting the defects in a vast field of investigation and of harmonizing the whole, which eliminates the concept of weak link. As a result, you can hear what was never heard by a traditional system, even among the best, with total relaxation of the listener. The results are unprecedented, but quantifiable and qualified by listening and sometimes by measurements. Otherwise what interest?

This encoding of information, which we have called φ (Phy), is not a simple Phy), is not a simple cherry on the cake. Its impact is considerable. This is a major step that no one can overlook in the years to come. And that's good. But Audiofolia now has quite a lead ...


* φ (Phy) désigne symboliquement le processus d’encodage quantique des matériaux sur nos réalisations.