The AUDIOFOLIA Ormus amplifier offers a neat design, housing symmetrical architecture built on military grade power tubes 6P14P-K (EL84 Russian equivalent).

Able to drive any system fitted with speakers of at least 89dB of sensitivity, it is perfectly paired with our Ormus speakers.

This amplifier development spanned 3 years during which several configurations (including a single- ended diagram) and components were compared by listening,. It was ultimately the symmetrical push-pull configuration without feedback that was selected for all of its qualities. Note that the tubes are self-polarized.

The quantum approach by encoding φ of all the components made possible to raise the amplifier to its optimal level while accurately granting the final sound signature

This is probably the most advanced and perfected amplification that has ever been carried out around these EL84 tubes, whose qualities are no longer to be demonstrated and which have moreover always been acclaimed by musicians and music lovers for decades.

Listening, the exceptional dynamics, the three-dimensional spatialization of the sound and the magnificent richness of the timbres due to the high quality of harmonic’s detail , immerses the listener in a realism where only the music remains.

2019-11-27-Ampli orange fond pierre.jpg

Aluminum chassis machined in the mass

Symmetrical structure

1 balanced input (XLR)

1 unbalanced input (RCA)

Power: 2 x 10W - 8 Ω

Automatic tube polarization

Total harmonic distortion:

at 1W : 100 Hz : 0,37% / 1 kHz : 0,13% / 10 kHz : 0,42%

at 4W : 100 Hz : 0,31% / 1 kHz : 0,41% / 10 kHz : 0,80%

at 8W : 100 Hz : 0,70% / 1 kHz : 0,21% / 10 kHz : 1,51%


Sensitivity: 700 mV RMS


Dimensions : high. 24cm x width. 44cm x long. 34cm


Weight : 21 kg

Several finishes possible


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