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The Audiofolia ® signature is direct sound, concert sound, with all its energy and subtleties. This is the requirement on which we are working and have pushed the limits for the past 20 years. Today the culmination is a range of electronics devices, speakers and cables, where every detail has been assessed in the sense of the purest sound capable of reproducing everything that is present in a recording, to the most subtle.

Above all, our creations are developed without concession, listening being the sole judge in the end to validate choices. But we also work intensively through the quantum approach, whose considerable contribution in all fields, has opened up new horizons for sound reproduction.


The listening results exceed in various aspects what we had imagined until then. The presence of the musicians, the extraordinary dynamics, the harmonic richness, the exceptional openness and readability of the sound field, the immersion in music, took on another dimension. These are customers comments  listening to an Audiofolia system.



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The AUDIOFOLIA Ormus amplifier offers a neat design, housing symmetrical architecture built on military grade power tubes 6P14P-K (EL84 Russian equivalent). 

Able to drive any system fitted with speakers of at least 89dB of sensitivity, it is perfectly
paired with our Ormus speakers.

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The Audiofolia Ormus 21 speakers are columns of a size suitable for a living room. And therein lies the tour de force of offering a real high-performance speaker, which really descends into the bass in a volume so controlled that it is easily accommodated in a living room.

Result made possible thanks to the development of a special 21cm bicone broadband driver plus the quantum approach by encoding φ.



The preamplifier is truly the conductor of an audio system and Audiofolia, aware of the importance of this link, probably the most difficult to achieve, began and forged its reputation during the last 20 years.

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After a good thirty years of experimentation and reflection on the question of audio wiring, far from the dogmas, controversies and delirious surges which pledge the subject, we propose a cable set which takes into account all the relevant aspects until to his quantum approach. The one and only judge being once again the ear, with the obligation that the result be reproducible identically.


The quantum approach

The entire range of Audiofolia Ormus devices and cables from the Samadhi range is enriched with a layer based on a quantum approach to matter.

The inadequacy of language and the overcoming of traditional concepts makes it difficult to explain this work which is clearing an unknown domain. A real Terra Incognita.

Since the dawn of the 20th century and even a little before, quantum physics has gradually changed our vision of matter, of the invisible and of the relationships between them. These discoveries are deeply destabilizing for our beliefs and our vision of the known world. 

How have we been able to draw from these lessons a considerable progress for High Fidelity ?



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